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What is it?

A woman uses a rope to climb up a grass bank, while a young girl at the top in a hard hat looks around at the woman.

Buddle is here to provide free learning and support resources, to inspire and strengthen clubs and community organisations offering sport and physical activity, and the professionals that work with them.  

We share the latest information, training, and tools to help clubs and organisations overcome challenges and make the most of the opportunities available to them.   

We're passionate about enabling organisations to be safe, inclusive, agile, and resilient enough to secure their long-term future and unlock the advantages of sport and physical activity for everyone. 

Buddle's benefits

Our resources can:   

  • provide you with current, trusted, information, advice, and guidance to help with all aspects of developing, running, and growing a club or organisation
  • equip you with the tools and guidance you need to help your club or organisation become more inclusive and resilient
  • answer any questions you may have and help you respond to any issues you may face
  • give you access to training and development opportunities to improve and develop your skills, knowledge, and confidence
  • keep you up to date with relevant news and developments from across the sector
  • signpost you to further support from other trusted sector experts. 

Learning and support resources

Our resources come in a range of different formats, including face-to-face and online workshops, videos, guidance notes, templates and self-help tools.   

They are free, bite-sized and offer support, guidance and learning opportunities linked to:  

Stay up to date

Our news section and regular newsletters contain information on our latest content, sector news and opportunities.

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