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Are your finances fit for the future?

You might be in good shape... but how about your finances?

Running a group has financial responsibilities. We'll talk you through them. 

We'll also give you lots of ideas for raising more cash for your club. We'll take you from crowdfunding and gift aid to sponsorship and community share investments.

You'll find top tips for exploring membership options, applying for grant funding, and fundraising.  

Then we'll tackle tax, business rates and company accounts. 

Whether you’re just starting out, or need to manage your money better, you'll find advice on: 

  • Getting organised. 
  • Managing costs and budgeting. 
  • Business planning. 
  • Creating and managing reserves. 
  • Using online banking. 
  • Emergency financial planning. 

Resources include webpages, templates, videos and links to external partners. 

Why not get started with one of our workshops on raising money, financial management or dealing with increased costs. 

Let's go... 

Buddle's workshops

Raising money

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Looking for fundraising inspo?

Have you thought of crowdfunding?

And did you know that Gift Aid could boost your group's bank balance?

You can also read about applying for grant funding and sponsorship. 

We've got lots of ideas and advice for you here. 

Read on

Managing money and planning ahead

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Plan for the future 

This section covers everything from budgeting to online banking. 

It's all that stuff you've been putting off, isn't it?

Just reading this will make you feel more organised! 


Get the lowdown

Reporting and tax

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Take the plunge

Stressed about tax?

Worried about business rates?

Puzzled by PAYE?

Read on. We've got it covered. 

Dive in