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Buddle's guide to fundraising

Times are tough - so what are your options if you need more money to realise your group's ambitions?

This section will give you the lowdown on some of the main options available. 


An adorable young boy with missing limbs is supported to cross a platform between trees - he looks so happy, it's a very moving picture of courage

Pros and cons of crowdfunding

Online funding platforms, such as Crowdfunder, are increasingly used by community organisations to raise funds and awareness of their projects. 

Find out whether it's right for you too... 

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Gift Aid

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Guide to claiming Gift Aid

Are you a charity or community amateur sports club (CASC)? If so, then look into Gift Aid.

For every £1 that's donated, you could reclaim an additional 25p from the government.

We'll tell you how it works. 

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Three girls stand with their hands on their hips in a basketball court, they're smiling and having fun

Thinking about sponsorship

Want to explore getting sponsorship for your group? Before you reach out to local businesses, read this. 

You can check out the potential benefits for your group and your sponsor. 

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How to apply

Grants can be a great way of getting money for your project. But the application process can be very daunting. 

We've got lots of tips to help you through this. 

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Membership options

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Get the most from memberships

Membership fees and subs are often the main sources of income for community groups. 

Ideally, your fees and subs should cover your costs. However, it's also important that everyone can afford to take part. 

So how can you make money and include everyone?

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Community shares investment

A group of people, in full fencing gear, practice their moves in a sports hall

Should you sell shares in your group?

Community shares give people the opportunity to come together to support local organisations and secure their future. 

We've got some amazing case studies to inspire you. 

But this route isn't right for every group...

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