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Our Health Check is a self-assessment tool designed to support anyone that runs a community sport or physical activity club, group or organisation. 

The tool is particularly useful if you're looking to start an organisation, want to check your current processes across five operational areas, or want to identify key areas of development.

How it can help

The tool will:

  • get you thinking about how your organisation performs and whether there is any room for development
  • help you check that you're providing a safe environment for all and operating in a way that meets your legal requirements
  • help you understand if you're likely to meet the minimum requirements of public funders such as Sport England.

Exploring core operational areas

The tool includes a series of questions, grouped into five key areas, that connect to some of the key areas featured on Buddle:

  • Getting organised - governing and leading your organisation
  • Safety, welfare and wellbeing - looking out for yourself and others
  • Money matters - income, spending and funding
  • Getting help from people - working with volunteers and the professional workforce
  • Facilities and spaces - finding, using and developing suitable facilities and spaces.

How to use the tool

Using the tool is quick and easy and is likely to take around 15 minutes.

All users will complete the questions on the five key areas and the tool also asks some basic filter questions to determine the most appropriate considerations for your organisation regarding your workforce and facility development.

You'll be given the choice of three answers to most questions, so pick the one that best reflects your position.

Use the tool