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This section is all about shaping your organisation’s values, culture, legal structure, and governance processes.

This is essential for your day-to day operations. It will also determine how you're viewed by your people and external partners.

We'll help you to: 

  • Determine your values, purpose, vision and aims.  
  • Understand and shape your culture.  
  • Consider the different legal structures for your group and the implications.  
  • Understand the principles of good governance.
  • Find out how to meet Tier 1 of A Code for Sports Governance, which is essential for funding from Sport England. 
  • Have the right governing documents, policies and processes in place.  
  • Create diverse committees, run AGMs, keep minutes, and operate a committee or board meeting virtually. 
  • Recognise the importance of positive and inclusive leadership.  
  • Meet any legal requirements related to licences, GDPR, insurance and anti-doping. 
  • Embed policies into your day-to-day operations. 

We also offer workshops on: exploring legal structures, money matters, leadership and governance, culture and values and creating an inclusive environment. 

So don't worry. Just read on.

Buddle's workshops

Good governance

a group of children on bikes are about to start cycling - they are excited

Responsible management

You might all be volunteers - but that doesn't mean you can't adopt a professional approach to how your group is run.

There will be huge benefits to you and your members if you follow procedures and set up policies that will protect everyone. 

Here's our advice on how to run your club like a pro... 

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Policies and procedures

A boy who doesn't have lower limbs, sits on a canoe and paddles  - he is adorable and has a lovely smile

Defining how your group will operate

Don't neglect your paperwork - stay on top, with our tips and advice. 

Here, you can get support on creating and managing your governing documents. 

We'll also help you devise your policies. 

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Leadership and people

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How to lead - and listen

It can be hard to provide direction, while listening to others.

But that's the sign of a good leader. 

We've compiled some advice for you, to help you manage your team.

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Multi-sport clubs

A group of women celebrate while taking part in an activity outdoors.

What is a multi-sport club?

It's an organisation that offers two or more sports or activities. Makes sense!

The management and running of such a club can take various forms, which we explain here.

We also look at the benefits of well-run multi-sport clubs, challenges and solutions.

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