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The Activity Alliance have created this tool, in partnership with us, to help you see how inclusive and accessible your organisation is when meeting the needs of disabled people. 

Being a successful organisation means being inclusive and accessible to everyone.

All participants and volunteers need to feel valued and have equal access to participation or volunteering opportunities.

Ensuring an organisation meets its participants’ and volunteers’ needs means that people may then share their experience and encourage others to join, helping the organisation to grow and become more sustainable. 

A group playing wheelchair basketball

Disabled people can face additional challenges and barriers to participating and volunteering.

These barriers are explored in more detail on our ‘Engaging with disabled people’ page.

Guidance can also be found on our ‘How to create an inclusive environment’ webpage.

It provides information on how to make your organisation’s offer welcoming to everyone. 

What does inclusion look like?

The Activity Alliance’s Annual Survey 2022-23 shows that the majority of disabled people would be more active if given the opportunity to do so.

Clubs, groups and coaches play an essential role in ensuring disabled people’s experiences of sport and activity are positive and meaningful.

Inclusive organisations can reach and engage more of their local community by creating better, more welcoming environments for everyone. 

The Activity Alliance’s research also highlights a number of improvements that can be made to support disabled people to feel more comfortable in a club or group environment - these can be found on their ‘Understanding the barriers to participation’ webpage.

The recommendations include being open towards disabled people, exploring the level of support needed to be able to take part in activities, and making small changes to traditional practices.

The research also identified that the main way disabled people find out about sporting opportunities is through word of mouth from other disabled people and those they trust. 

If an organisation communicates and promotes how inclusive and accessible they are, it can help reduce the anxiety of attending sessions.

It’s important to remember that being inclusive isn't just for the purposes of disabled people, but also about shaping the organisation to reflect the needs and wants of the community it serves.

What do I need to know before using the tool? 

The tool on the next tab takes you through a few key questions designed to help you understand how inclusive you are, and where changes can be made to improve your offer. 

Using the tool is quick and easy and is likely to take around 10 minutes.

Simply complete the questions about your organisation, your promotional activities and your coaches and volunteers.

Each question will have a yes or no answer so pick the one that best reflects your current position. 

Accessing the tool 

In order to access the tool you must be logged into a Buddle account. If you aren't signed up you'll be prompted to do so.

Use the tool