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Your development and growth journey

Strong and resilient organisations have a culture of being proactive, forward thinking, engaging, collaborative and open with their communications. They’re adaptable, flexible and solutions focussed and take time out to plan for their development and growth. They are assets to their local community.

This section provides information and guidance to help with your development and growth journey, including:  

  • Checklists to ensure you have the fundamentals in place for a safe and secure environment. 
  • Development planning guidance that helps you identify future goals and aspirations, and the steps required to achieve them.  
  • Support on reaching out and creating links with your community.  
  • Practical information and case studies to showcase best practice. 
  • Information and tools on marketing and communications, including developing a marketing strategy, effectively marketing your offer, developing an online presence and using social media.  
  • How to support talented athletes through development pathways.  

In addition, we have guided learning opportunities. These include workshops on future planning, creating a marketing strategy and promoting your offer using social media.

Starting a new club or organisation

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Getting started

Follow our handy tips for starting a new group or club, getting the equipment you need and finding the right venues or facilities.

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Developing and growing

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Plan your development journey

Learn about the importance of planning, creating a development plan, read our story about volunteer support and watch our development journey video.

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Your organisation in the wider community

a group of athletes rush into the sea, wearing wetsuits and swimming hats

Get involved

Find out about the importance of creating partnerships in your local community, including steps to help you to succeed, and find tips to make the most of sporting event opportunities.

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Marketing and communications

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Connecting with people

Learn about effective communications and keeping people engaged, marketing research and strategies, and how to use digital and social media to help publicise your group.

What you need to know

Understanding talent development

A girl vaults over a box in the gym, while her coach has his arms outstretched, ready to catch her

Maximise people's talent

Understand the benefits of prioritising talent development and how to support your people with Talent Pathways.

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