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Value of engaging new volunteers

Volunteer in the park

Benefits of new volunteers

Explore why engaging new volunteers can be so positive for community sports organisations and watch our animation on tips for volunteer recruitment.

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Hints and tips for new volunteers

Coach with young people on football pitch

Enjoy your volunteer experience

Concerns about volunteering? Wondering about the benefits? Here are some great reasons to go for it and have fun!

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Induction process

Staff member organising an activity for young people

Welcoming volunteers

Having a helpful induction to their role or specific tasks can be a great addition to how community sports organisations welcome their volunteers.

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Developing volunteers

People indoors engaged in conversation with cups of tea

How to develop volunteers

It's important to provide development and training opportunities for your volunteers. Check out our guidance on how community sports organisations can do this.

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Supporting coaches

two girls leap up on their trampolines, doing the star position - they're guided by a female coach

Coaches are key to your success

Learn about finding, supporting and developing coaches, including how this positively impacts sports organisations as well as coaches themselves.

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