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Recruiting volunteers

Recruiting volunteers is not always easy.  It can take effort and time to design your offer, find people, train and support them, and to ensure they have positive experiences and want to continue to give their time. 

However, there are many benefits to your club of engaging new volunteers.

Benefits of new volunteers

New skills
New people bring new ideas, experiences and skills, helping the club to continue to provide great opportunities and experiences, for both their members and volunteers.
Increased capacity
Increasing the number of people which support your club is likely to reduce the pressures on your existing volunteers, leading to more positive experiences.
Increase your reach
More volunteers can enable clubs to increase their community outreach, which can in turn lead to more members.
Succession planning
Increasing the number of volunteers will help the club plan for the future and to respond effectively when other volunteers choose to move on.
Volunteers bring diversity
Engaging people from a range of backgrounds will enrich the club, helping you to think differently and reach new members.

Recruiting Volunteers

Check out our Recruiting Volunteers section for ideas on how to identify and engage new volunteers and ensure they have positive, rewarding experiences that meet their expectations. 

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Our top tips

This video provides top tips on how to make volunteering as easy and as attractive as possible.