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Reaching new people

Thinking about who you can engage and where you might find them are really important considerations when you are looking to recruit new volunteers. By reaching beyond the core of your group, you can increase your capacity, diversity and skillset of your team.

Read our guidance on where to find new volunteers, using effective recruitment communications and debunking volunteering myths.

Where to find new volunteers

People indoors engaged in conversation with cups of tea

Reaching new people

Learn about different avenues community sports organisations can explore to find and recruit new volunteers.

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Tips for finding new volunteers

Group of women laughing and walking outdoors

Attract new volunteers

Try our practical tips and ideas for attracting potential new volunteers.

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Effective communication for recruitment

Families and players at football match in a local park

Choosing channels

Explore different channels you can use to reach and recruit new volunteers.

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Volunteering myths

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Dispelling myths

Debunking myths around volunteering in community sport and physical activity, from qualification requirements to technical knowledge.

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Case studies

Volunteer recruitment

Learn how Bexley RFC improved volunteer recruitment by working with their local volunteer centre.

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A rugby player holds the ball in two hands, low to the ground
A young girl is helped by a SPICE ice-skating club volunteer, who's also a young girl, during a session on an indoors ice rink.

Engaging volunteers

SPICE is an ice-skating club for children and young people with special needs, which has also has success in attracting young volunteers.

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