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Finding a new home

Are you looking for somewhere to host your activities? 

Explore the pages here to read up on everything from hiring a hall - to running your own venue. 

Whether you, hire, rent, or own your facilities, this section can help you: 

  • Find facilities that meet your current and future needs.  
  • Work with third-party providers such as schools and leisure centres.  
  • Run and maintain your facilities. 
  • Maximise the use of your space. 
  • Find out more about community asset transfer. 

There's a lot to consider. But we've done some of the heavy lifting for you... 


Getting prepared

a lady is playing badminton with a look of sheer concentration on her face

Ready to find a place to play?

If you're just starting a group, or exploring facilities for the first time, there's lots to think about.

Do you have all the kit and equipment you need? What's essential for you when choosing a venue?

And will you hire somewhere, or have you thought about leasing or even running a place of your own?

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Finding facilities

A smiling person holds a netball in a sports hall

Where can you look?

It can be tricky to find spaces near you that are right for your group's needs, affordable and aren’t already fully booked.

So here are some free online tools you can use to find the ideal facility, as well as some key things to consider when you've found somewhere you'd like to use.

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Working with facility providers

A female swimmer is powering along a lane at a pool filled with turquoise water

Hiring somewhere for your group

We have lots of tips to help you work out what you'll need to think about when you're choosing a place to play. 

We'll give you advice on finding the perfect venue for your activity.

There's a special section on how to approach schools - and checklists to help you prepare for your negotiations. 

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Running facilities

A woman has a huge weight on her shoulder, she looks determined to lift it, but it will be tough!

So you're running your own pitch or hall?

Buddle has prepared some helpful advice, to help you deal with everything.

There's a building maintenance checklist, to ensure that your venue remains in great shape. 

You'll also get advice on what to do if there's a flood... 

What you need to know

Developing facilities

A child, who is visually impaired, is playing softball and reaching towards the ball with a giant smile on his face - he's going to hit it!

Thinking of expanding?

This section covers everything from making a planning application, to securing your tenure. 

It's essential reading if you're planning to change what you do - or where you do it. 

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Asset transfer

A man throws a rugby ball with a huge effort - the ball zooms towards the front of the picture

Do you want to take over council facilities?

Through a process known as asset transfer, you may be able to take control of your local sports pitches, pavilions, sports halls or pools.

Read some inspirational case studies.  

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