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A group of young cycles are cycling along a path while being motivated by their coach

Collaborating with the council

With increasing pressure on local authority spending, there may be opportunities for you to protect your neighbourhood's sports facilities. 

Through a process known as asset transfer, you may be able to take control of your local sports pitches, pavilions, sports halls or pools.

This could help your club grow, develop new opportunities, secure its future and further engage with other local people and organisations.

It could be a fantastic way to place your club at the heart of your community.

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Case study: Westway Development Trust

A flyaway success

In the 1970s, the Westway Development Trust began transforming over 23 acres of wasteland underneath the Westway flyover in North Kensington. This has been carried out in partnership with the local authority. It's now a vibrant community hub offering football, tennis, climbing and fitness classes. 

Picture credit: Westway Portobello Fitness Club

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A group of female dancers at Westway Club smile their way through an active routine in the dance studio