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Skills, roles and tasks

Follow our guidance for help with identifying new opportunities, doing a skills audit, breaking roles into tasks and delegating effectively.

Identifying new volunteering opportunities

a group of children on bikes are about to start cycling - they are excited

Understanding your needs

Explore how your organisation can understand its volunteering needs and break volunteering roles into smaller tasks.

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Undertaking a skills audit

A woman writes on some paper on the wall of a sports hall

Map out workforce needs

Find out more about how a community sports organisation can complete a skills audit to map out what they need from their workforce now and in the future.

What you need to know

Task based volunteering

Young cyclists being instructed by their coach

Breaking roles into tasks

Find out more about task-based volunteering, its benefits, and how you can implement it to support you to succeed.

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Delegation guide

Staff member organising an activity for young people

Delegate effectively

It can be challenging to delegate tasks, but nobody can run a group without some help! Here's how you can effectively delegate and keep everyone onside.

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