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Our delegation toolkit

Delegating tasks can often be a challenging process. The following tips will make it easier.

  • Identify the task

    Make a list of the tasks that you might delegate. Suitable tasks might be ones which take up a lot of your time, have a lower level of responsibility and are a good development opportunity for someone.

    Think about your priorities and deadlines. This will help you identify tasks to delegate.

  • Identify the right person

    Consider the current workload of the team. Is there an individual who needs a challenge? Will the person you select be enthusiastic? Getting to know your members will make this easier.

    Understand skills and experience. Having knowledge of what people’s skills and experience are will help you find someone suitable for the task.

  • Delegate with skill

    Set aside enough time. You will need time to explain the task step by step, ask for feedback to check understanding and to time give the person time to ask questions.

    Set clear goals. Clearly explain the results you expect. Set clear deadlines for completion.

  • Follow-up

    Agree support. Make sure the person knows that there will be ongoing support available for them.

    Monitor progress. Try to keep an eye on progress without getting in the way or taking over.

    Accept mistakes happen. Volunteers may make mistakes, we all do but it can be a good way to learn, so offer support.

  • Provide feedback and recognition

    Review performance. Make sure that you review the volunteer's performance and if needed make suggestions as to what they could do differently next time.

    Recognise the contribution. Remember to give plenty of praise for the achievements and efforts your volunteers make. Thanking them personally or highlighting their efforts in club communications are simple and effective ways to do this.