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Getting started

Thinking about starting a new fitness group, sporting club or other activity?

Our guides and checklists can offer all sorts of advice about the important things to keep in mind to help you get started.

Handy checklist for starting a new group

Three men congratulate each other after a game of football on a sports field - the first man has his arm around the second man, who shakes hands with the third man

Covering the basics

Planning on setting up a new club or organisation?

Before you start, read our guide to devising a strategy, and follow the helpful tips to covering the basics.

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Equipment for your new organisation

Children on bikes mill around, looking excited

Kitting out your club

It's worth doing some research before you get started.

Follow the steps in our handy guide to help find the equipment you're going to need.

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Finding the right facilities

 A coach talks to school children who are sitting on mats in a gym

Picking a venue

Read our guide to finding a venue for your group.

Follow out tips on finding the best location, different facilities, what it will cost and ideas for getting inspired.

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