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Your equipment checklist

Make sure you don't make an expensive mistake, when it comes to paying out for your kit and equipment. It's worth doing your research before you start shelling out. Go through these steps, to check you've got it covered. 

    Who will pay?
    Think about what the big costs will be - and who will pay for them. Some equipment is expensive. Will your members need to buy their own? Or can your organisation cover the cost and lend out the essentials?
    Communicate your policy with members
    Make sure your members are clear about what kit they'll need - and what the organisation will be providing.
    Keep some equipment for new recruits
    If you want to attract new players, then bear in mind that they're unlikely to invest in a new sport if they can't try it out first. If you can, keep some equipment for them to experiment with.
    Look into funding options
    You may need to raise cash - if so, check out the fundraising section of this website, for lots of handy tips.

    You could also apply for funding. Sources of information include Sport England, your Active Partnership, your national governing body or local council.
    Check the rules for your league
    Look into any league rules - you may need to buy a match ball or bibs, before you can join in. Talk to your national governing body or local league for more info and advice.
    Think about your team colours
    Don't splash out on kit, without checking in with your league. Some leagues have rules on permitted colours. Make sure your kit looks different from the other local clubs, if you'll be competing against them on a regular basis.