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Don't neglect your paperwork - stay on top, with our tips and advice. 

Here, you can get support on creating and managing your governing documents. 

We'll help you devise your policies. 

And you can read about your legal responsibilities. 

Don't be daunted... dive in. 

Governing documents

A girl in a headscarf smiles broadly - she has a netball and is about to pass it on to a teammate

Write the rules

Read all about how to create a constitution and a code of conduct. 

These are essential for any group. 

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Policies and licences

a little boy, with missing lower limbs, is supported to climb on a platform between trees - he has a huge gorgeous smile

From anti-doping to alcohol

This is a meaty section, packed with tips on creating your key policies. 

Social media, recruitment and anti-doping. It's all here. 

Plus find out how to get entertainment and alcohol licences. 

Get the lowdown