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A male rugby player in a pink top prepares to throw a ball on the pitch

Embedding your policies

Policies are written documents that outline an organisation’s commitments, procedures and plans of actions.

However it's not just enough to have policies. Everyone needs to understand their importance and behave accordingly. 

So how can you encourage this?

The animation here is a good starting point...

Embedding policies effectively

A fun animation to get you thinking about how to convert your policies into practice...

Creating an annual report

Two girls in bright blue tops are playing rugby - one runs with the ball, while the other chases her

What goes into your annual report

Struggling to know what to say?

You could reflect on the last year, consider any improvements and outline future plans.

Here are a few ideas for the content to get you started... 

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Developing a risk register

Two swimmers pass each other in a public pool

Manage risks

A risk register is a simple and effective tool that can help you identify, document, and manage the risks facing your organisation.

It sets out the known risks associated with your organisation.

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Developing a recruitment policy

A man is swimming in the sea, it's a grey day and the water must be cold, but he seems very happy

You're hired!

If you're hiring staff, then you need a recruitment policy. 

If you have volunteers working for you, you'll need one too. 

So what does it all entail...?

Dive in

Developing a social media policy

A group of girls huddle around their coach - they're on a football pitch and a goalpost is in the background

Get social

Do you want to tap into social media but you're not sure where to start?

You need a policy. 

And we've got you covered. 

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Other licences

Young women in an exercise class stretch their arms up to the ceiling of the sports club

Premises and entertainment licences

You may need a certificate to:

  • Sell or supply alcohol to members or guests. 
  • Provide regulated entertainment, like musical performances or film screenings to members or guests. 
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Anti-doping policies

A group of people, in full fencing gear, practice their moves in a sports hall

Promote a clean culture

Clubs play a vital role in developing a culture of clean sport.

It may also be compulsory to comply with anti-doping rules if you're affiliated to a national governing body (NGB) that has signed up to the National Anti-Doping Policy.

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