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The legal lowdown

When you're setting up a group, you'll need to think about the legal structure. With a bit of planning, you can make sure that it suits your needs now and in the future. 

The structure is important because: 

  • It determines whether your club is a separate legal entity or not. 
  • It has an impact on members’ liability.  
  • There are different rules and legal requirements depending on how your club is structured.  
  • It can have financial implications.  
  • It can influence how your club is viewed by others (e.g. banks, funding providers, the public). 


What's right for my group?

Whatever structure or status you choose, you'll need to understand the implications. Your constitution should also reflect your structure.  

Clubs can either be unincorporated or incorporated.

You may also be eligible to adopt charitable status or community amateur sports club (CASC) status.

So what does it all mean? 

Find out now...