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Reach out for sponsorship

Sponsorship is an excellent way for your group to get more cash and raise your profile.

Your club will be expected to meet obligations to maintain the sponsorship. So don’t expect to take the money and run!

So how can you go about it...?

You can find out here...

What is sponsorship?

“Any commercial agreement by which a sponsor, for the mutual benefit of the sponsor and sponsored party contractually provides financing or other support in order to establish an association between the sponsor’s image, brands or products and sponsoring property in return for rights to promote this association and/or image for the grant of certain agreed direct or indirect benefits”

Chamber of Commerce

The lowdown

What can you offer sponsors? 

Here are a few options for sponsors: 

  • Their logos printed your kit, equipment, minibus and sideline banners. 
  • Their logo on your website, email footers and letter heads. 
  • Their company name mentioned in any events, team publicity and end of season reports. 
  • Hosting events with the name of the sponsor, for example 'The Great Cake Company Cup'. 
  • Allow them to hold an event at your venue like a ‘Family Fun Day’.


What can sponsors offer you? 

You might want:

  • Financial support. 
  • Club kit featuring their logo or company colours. 
  • Discounts from their shop, or a discount when hiring specific services or facilities. 
  • Facilities or a venue to host events. 


Potential partners

Your club may want to consider partnering with another organisation to promote one another’s complimentary (but usually non-competing) products or services.

Some options for you to consider include:

Schools and colleges
Link in with local school sports days.

Getting involved in any school sports competitions is a good opportunity to create strong links 
Community groups
Look for joint marketing opportunities.

For example, if a community group is holding an event, you could look into attending as a representative of your club.

You can promote your services to each other.  
Local council
Many local authorities have an active programme to encourage and develop sporting activities, both recreational and competitive.

There is often a particular focus on developing sporting activities as part of a wider social inclusion policy.
Local businesses
A lot of sponsorship, funding and in-kind donations can potentially come from local businesses.

Research your local businesses, the work they do, what their values are and see what potential links you could make. 
Health organisations
There are opportunities for sports groups to engage with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) throughout England to form partnerships (e.g. linking in with the exercise and well-being agenda).

Doctors and nurses could recommend your sports clubs to patients and you may be able to use their notice boards to promote your club too.