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Make sure your group goes the distance

It's vital to ensure that your club is fit for the future - and that means taking care of your cash. Here are some ways to help you deal with your finances, so that you can plan ahead.

Money isn't everyone's favourite subject but reading these sections could help you move forward as a group... 

Buddle's guide to online banking

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How to stay safe online

It's really important to keep your finances protected. A really good way to do this is to set up a separate bank account for your group.

This promotes transparency, and makes sure that your group's money doesn't get mixed up with anyone else's. 

But what else should you do?

This guide gives you advice on protecting your group's money. 

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Getting organised with your finances

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Planning ahead

Are your finances fit for the future? 

Here are some tips that will help you stay in good financial shape and meet good governance standards. 

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Business planning

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Make sure your business plan is fit for purpose

To survive and thrive, you need to be well organised, plan ahead and be resilient. 

And you do all that, you'll need a brilliant business plan.

There's a template here to help you create your own. 

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How to draw up a budget

So do you really need to budget? The answer is 'yes'!

Budgeting is essential, so that you can successfully plan for the future. 

Here's how to do it... 

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Managing costs

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Top tips and tricks

So you need more money. 

We understand. 

This section is all about saving the pennies... 

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Managing reserves

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Do you have a reserve?

This is your rainy day money that must only be used to further the aims of your organisation.

Here's how you can plan your reserve and help to safeguard your organisation's future... 

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Emergency financial planning

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In an emergency, would you drop the ball?

If something unexpected happens, you'll need to do some emergency financial planning.

Here's how you can do it...

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