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A man is about to throw a red dodgeball at the camera, watch out, he means business!

Prepare for whatever life throws at you...

So you need more money. 

You could raise money.

And you can save money. 

This section is all about saving the pennies... 

The big one: energy costs

Research has shown that up to 20 per cent of a group's annual energy costs are wasted through energy inefficiency.

The following could help: 

  • Know what you are using, so that you can highlight any sudden rises or changes in the bills. 
  • Know what you are spending, so you can work out what your group’s biggest costs or overheads are. 
  • Take action that will give long term benefits - for example installing energy saving light bulbs or sensor activated lighting. 
  • Make sure you're getting the best deal from energy suppliers - regularly check it out with an online comparison website.

Business rates

Some local authorities offer discretionary relief for sport and physical activity groups. However many of these schemes are being removed. 

If your business rates are giving you a headache, you may want to consider changing how your organisation is structured.

Legal structures for your group

Top money saving tips

Look at what you spend
Your budget and last year's figures are great places to start.
See if you can make any easy savings. 
Think flexibly
Ask yourself 'could we do this differently?' Think about your expenses and suppliers.
Plus do you really need everything you're paying for? 
Ask for discounts
You never know, it could work.  
And if you don't ask...
Go for freebies
Use free services, such as online resources.
But check when any costs kick in, to avoid being caught out.
Get bartering
What could your group offer in return for goods and services? 
Advertising space at your ground?
Ask members for support
Could your members provide services or skills for free or at a discount?
Just make sure you're clear on the group's expectations and make sure there are no conflicts of interest. 
Talk to your national governing body
They may have discounts for affiliated groups or recommend suppliers.
You might be able to get good deals on kit and equipment.