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Sport England will be providing a number of different courses on environmental sustainability in 2024 to help grassroots sport and physical activity providers learn about the topic. 

We know from Sport England’s consultation earlier this year that community groups delivering sport and physical activity are keen to take action on environmental sustainability and would also like to know more about the subject. 

These new courses will not only teach you about sustainability, but also help you identify the actions you and your organisation can take to become more sustainable. All the training is free to attend.

Courses will run from January to March and will be free to attend, so watch out for further details on locations, dates and how to book. 


Sport England environmental sustainability courses

The topics included in the sessions will cover:

Climate Fresk Workshop
Great if you are starting out on your environmental sustainability journey .

This three-hour interactive workshop aims to teach you the fundamentals behind climate change and empower you to take action.

The workshop guides participants to learn more about the science and social issues of climate change and how they relate to the activities that you deliver.

Time is set aside for action planning in relation to your community organisation.
Carbon Literacy Training
Next level if you want to go deeper.

The Carbon Literacy Sports Kit provides the sector with bespoke training to raise awareness of greenhouse gas emissions and their role in climate change and, importantly, what you can do about it.

This is an eight-hour certified course which looks at:

a. the basics of climate change science, the evidence for climate change and the impacts of climate change.
b. issues around equity and vulnerability, local impacts and the impacts on sport and physical activity.
c. the co-benefits of taking climate action, the current policy position and the influence of the sport and physical activity sector.
d. your own individual carbon footprint and organisational carbon footprints.
e. why action is important, how to talk about climate change to others and how to develop carbon pledges.
Become a climate Fresk Facilitator
Help other community organisations in your area.

We're providing two training courses at the end of March to enable those people who have completed the Climate Fresk workshop to train to become facilitators and deliver workshops themselves, spreading the word even wider.

Sport Imaginarium
Get creative and help create the vision!

This 2.5-3-hour workshop uses the power of imagination to collectively vision an exciting, appealing and rewarding transition towards an irresistible and sustainable future for sport, providing a catalyst to spark positive action.

It means more sport, for more people and a reconnection with the grassroots values of participation, health and joy.