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What is NETBALLHer?

A bird's-eye view of a netball game on an outside court

Launched by England Netball in March 2023, in partnership with The Well HQ, NETBALLHer is an industry-leading education programme that aims to drive change and normalise conversations on topics around the female body. 

The lack of support and understanding of female health in sport and society is evident:

  • The percentage of girls who leave sport by the end of puberty is 64%.
  • Women are at twice the risk of concussion and up to six times the risk of ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury.
  • Well-fitting sports bras can improve performance by 4%.
  • One in three women in the UK experience pelvic floor issues.
  • During the menopause, 30% of women become less active.

Statistics from England Netball

NETBALLHer goals

England Netball (EN) are striving to meet four key goals through the programme and its supporting resources:

  • Address the high dropout rates in sport for women and girls at key life stages. 
  • Support women and girls to feel less held back by their bodies. 
  • Enhance female health knowledge within netball (and beyond).
  • Make netball environments more female-friendly.

Netball Her campaign advert featuring four females from different generations. Text says 'We're here for her'

What have they done?

To implement lasting change, it was important that as a national governing body, EN changed the whole system – from grassroots to the national team (Vitality Roses), and across their workforce, from volunteers to the board.

  • Open access website: The dedicated NETBALLHer website provides free access to myth-busting articles, relatable videos, expert resources and practical support and covers various life stages: menstrual cycle, nutrition, menopause, injury, pre- and post-natal, pelvic health, bras and kit, and puberty. 
  • NETBALLHer learning offer: The NETBALLHer Learning Offer is a free online learning opportunity designed to build on the website content, exclusively empowering over-18 and secondary school group England Netball members. Modules include: The Female Body, Puberty, Pre and Post-Natal and Menopause. 
  • NETBALLHer community: EN’s dedicated Facebook community provides an exclusive space for  members to ask questions, share experiences and support each other.
  • Diversity, inclusion and representation: throughout the development of NETBALLHer, EN conducted a series of focus groups with underrepresented communities, seeking feedback and listening to their experiences – with the aim of improving inclusivity.

Reaching all levels of the sport

Elite netball

Vitality Roses Bra Fitting and Education

With the help of Portsmouth University, elite players attended a bra-fitting and education session providing an opportunity to ask questions, learn and maybe gain the 4% increase in performance achieved through well-fitting sports bras!


Showcasing NETBALLHer at events has allowed EN to share the initiative on the domestic and international stage. For example, at the 2023 Netball World Cup, in partnership with Nike, a sports bra was pledged for every goal scored by the English team – seeing a monumental 522 sports bras donated. 

Grassroots netball

Clubs and leagues

Clubs and leagues have been encouraged to educate themselves and their players about female health by making use of the NETBALLHer support, empowering women and girls nationally through the tools and downloadable resources available. 

NETBALLHer champions

For those wishing to support the initiative further, NETBALLHer champions have been appointed to help embed the programme at a local level.

Delivery staff

EN delivery staff have completed the NETBALLHer Learning Offer – The Female Body module. Many have attended a pelvic health education and practical session in partnership with The Gym Group and all carry Caught Short Kits, ensuring those participating in our programmes and competitions have access to the right support.

EN are currently embedding NETBALLHer into their netball programmes, guaranteeing female health education and support is present throughout the participant experience, not as an exception, but as a standard offer. 


There are two policies that EN promote alongside NetballHer to ensure their best practice and consistent plans for improvement are met:

  • an internal commitment to female health: ensuring greater understanding and support are available for all staff and volunteers, and; 
  • clearer pregnancy guidance for members: allowing those involved in netball to make an informed choice about their participation.

What have they learnt?

Since the start of the programme, EN have learnt some valuable lessons that can be transferred to help shape other offers for women and girls across the sporting sector. These include:

  • Female health impacts sporting experiences at all levels.
  • Small changes can make a big difference to your members/participants.
  • Female health experiences aren’t universal.
  • Knowledge and cultural beliefs around female health vary and, therefore, may require varying levels of education and sensitivity.
  • There’s a long way to go, but this is the start of a learning journey.

England Netball's top tips

Making your organisation more female friendly

You don’t need to be a netball club or predominantly female organisation to ensure you are female friendly. 

Everyone deserves to feel safe, included and welcome when taking part in physical activity, so we believe that EN’s top tips can be transferrable to any organisation supporting people from all genders, on both a practical and cultural level.

Practical support
• caught short kits/bags
• flexible kit options
• education for players/coaches/officials
• female friendly facilities
• signpost to support
• female health posters in toilets/changing rooms.
Policy and culture
• female health policies
• safe places for open and honest conversations
• appropriate signposting
• avoid a one-size-fits-all approach.