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Creating inclusive environments

Clubs and organisations provide activity to over 15 million people every week, catering for a huge range of individuals.

Increasingly we are seeing these clubs and organisations provide a varied activity programme that is supporting a much broader audience.

Creating the right environment for those with long-term health conditions in clubs and organisations doesn’t mean you need to change everything you do, or that you must create new sessions or get specialised training.

Being an inclusive club is about looking at the small ways in which you can support individuals to take part at their level and in their own time.

In this short guide we showcase what one club has done to be inclusive, plus other top tips for your club and workforce.

We Are Undefeatable's top tips


Stay in touch with people before, during and after a session

  • If someone lets you know they are planning to attend, drop them a text or message to reassure them on what to expect when they turn up and ask them to contact you if they have any questions.
  • Make sure there's someone to meet people at the start of the session.
  • During the session make sure someone checks in to find out how they are feeling.
  • After the session, you can send them a text or message to just thank them and reassure them about wanting them to come back!


Adopting a ‘friendly club’ approach to everything that you do

  • Ensuring that members, coaches, committee and parents all understand the type of behaviours that the club or organisation should be demonstrating. This is particularly important in competitive environments!


Welcome packs and inductions

  • Having a welcome pack visible on websites or available at the club can really help people feel at ease with what they can expect to happen when they turn up.
  • Having dedicated individuals who welcome people to the club and can show them around at the start, will make a big difference to how people feel!

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