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Group of young people ice skating and holding hands

Staying connected

A key objective for many sports clubs and organisations is staying connected with their members, volunteers and coaches. There are a number of social media channels available that provide excellent platforms to support this.

Before you start

There are a few important considerations to think about, even if your organisation has been using social media for some time!

Make sure you are informed when it comes to social media safety, so you can look after the welfare of your club members at all times.
Encourage contributors
Talk to your club’s committee, volunteers and coaches about how they might be able to contribute to your social channels at this time.

Encourage them to be open and realistic so you can identify who is best placed to help!
Get help
Don’t be shy - ask for help! If there are people at your club who aren’t usually involved with the committee but are comfortable with social media, ask them if they’d be happy to contribute.
Consider different channels
Be mindful that social media doesn’t work for everyone. Talk to your membership about how engaged they are with social media and work out which platforms might be best.

Also, if you know you'll be sharing important information via your social channels, make sure you have a plan for getting this information to members who don’t have access to social media.