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Volunteer motivations

A group of young cyclists navigate their way along a wooden pathway in a park

Discovering what motivates people

Volunteers are key to sustainable community sport, so finding out what motivates them is key to creating a positive and engaging volunteering culture.

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Engaging volunteers

Young woman walking outdoors giving thumbs up

What to say and how

Recruiting and engaging new volunteers is vital to the sustainability of community sport. Explore some important considerations for any recruitment efforts.

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Creating meaningful volunteer experiences

two girls leap up on their trampolines, doing the star position - they're guided by a female coach

Volunteering must be fun and make a difference

Your group depends on your volunteers - so how can you ensure that they stick around and get as much out of it as you do?

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Top tips for retaining volunteers

Group of women going for a neighbourhood walk

Ensure they have a positive experience

Check out our ideas and suggestions for making sure community sport volunteers feel informed, supported and valued by their organisations.

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Case studies

Creating a positive volunteering culture

Portico Vine ARLFC tells Buddle how they work for local young people to get active and create a strong volunteer force.

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A Portico Vine ARLFC volunteer cooks burgers in the kitchen.
Two women, Sophie (Barton Inclusive Football Club founder, on the left) and volunteer Jo (on the right) pose indoors.

Positive volunteer experience

Barton Inclusive FC provides inclusive football opportunities to disabled people, thanks in great part to their strong volunteer base.

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